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Gergo Simara


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Athletic logo design concept for a football team.

Mandrills sports logo design concept. Mandrills are a fictional football team. I have created this sport logo as a side project. I am working on interesting and less common team name options to challenge myself as a sports logo designer. 

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The Mission

Every designer is creating lions, tigers, bears logos and the list can go on and on. Of course, these types of design characters are important assets of a professional sport logo designer, as these are the most common mascots in sports. Therefore, the idea of this logo is coming when I was watching the Lion King with my son. Rafiki was a fun character in the movie and that character inspired this Mandrills sport logo design. 

The Mandrill Logo Design first stage

When I create sport logos, I like to do research. The first stage is looking for resources online. Firstly, I wanted to create a baboon logo design, as a results of the research I have found out that Rafiki is a forest baboon in other name mandrills. Secondly, the mandrills sport logo design concept started from this exploration. I liked the characteristics of this animal as they have an aggressive look and a very interesting fur colour. In my opinion, a sport logo needs to be a unique design that the members of the sport organization can wear proudly on their uniforms or merchandise. Furthermore, the logo has to be a symbol that is representing the sport program or organization. Also, it needs to attract to athletes. I am not sure how many players want to play for the Ponies. (However, it can be an interesting project for the future.

The Drawing

As every design, this one started with paper and pencil. After finding the best resources, I have started drawing. I found the position and key elements I wanted to use in this sport logo. The aggressive look was very important to reflect an attitude of a football team. Also, I wanted to create a design that shows of their fangs that is a warning sign for the opponent team.

Mandrills Sport Logo Design
mandrills sport logo design refinement
mandrills sport logo design drawing final version

The Final Stage

After I was happy with the initial sketches, I have moved to create the final version in Illustrator. At this stage I have explored colour variations as well as made the final refinement to the design. I found out that the fangs and the nose of the design is not quiet right on the drawing so I have made some adjustments. Furthermore, when started adding colours to the mandrill I found one option that was very interesting. Finally, I have used a small section of orange fur that is shown on the final logo design.

mandrills sport logo design black an white option
mandrills sport logo design first colour exploration
Mandrills Sport Logo Design
mandrills sport logo design presentation
mandrills sport logo design no outlines version
mandrills helmet design
mandrills uniform design
mandrills sport logo design on mesh jersey
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The Sports Branding 3-Step Process.

Step # 1: Initial Consultation

Every project starts with a 1-on-1 video call to discuss your sports logo project. This allows me to get to know you and your team’s or organization’s needs.

Step # 2: Design and Presentation

I will create one or more logo design concepts for you to choose from. I’ll keep working until you’re 100% satisfied. 


Step # 3: Approval and Deployment

Once you approve the final design, I provide you with everything you need to implement your sport team’s new brand. 

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