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What is sports logo design process

Basically, a logo design process is a series of steps completed and decisions made during the period of creating the logo design. Every step has it its own estimated time frame. It is only an estimate as every project is different, so the process length is always changing based on the project scopes and needs. A well-thought sports logo design process in place will help the project go faster and reducing a risk of spending too much or too little time on the stages.

Below you can have an overview of my sports logo design process steps, which I believe is the best and most effective way to reach your business potential. Want to know more? Contact me.
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Step 1 - Logo design brief & Discovery call

I start every logo design process with a discovery session where we discuss your sports team’s needs. This initial discussion is helping me understand your organization’s history, spirits and the values it stands for. We also discuss directions you wish me to explore during my process. If you have ideas in mind, (it can be colour pallette, style etc..) this is the best time to expose it to me.

Step 2 - Idea generation & Initial sketching

I believe in my process. At this stage, I Am using different techniques to come up with ideas that I can explore. I take the best idea(s) further and start drawing and refining the concept. AS you can see below, the first image is a very rough-looking sketch. I take the concept further and start implementing the bold lines that are common at logos for sports teams. I repeat this step many times till I am happy with the outcome. Last but not least, I am adding some colour to the drawing to give the visual look and direction to the logo.

lightning logo design process rough sketch
design proess thick line drawing
logo design process detailed and coloured drawing

Step 3 - Logo design creation

After, the idea generation and sketching stage, I open up the Illustrator to create the vectorised logo design, this allows you to scale the design without losing the quality. You will need this format for helmet decals and merchandise, as most printing services will require it. At this stage, I am finalizing the colours and adding the details to the design final design. Furthermore, I am creating the supporting word mark for your design. If we agreed I am creating secondary logos too. I still work to improve the design so your sports team will receive the best solution.

design process vectorisation stage
logo design process finalizing colours and adding details
design process adding wordmark

Step 4 - Creation of the final files

Once your sports logo is completed, I will create copies in all the major file formats and various sizes. Depending on what we agreed on, I will also create logo style guide and social media kit or other artworks. I’ll be available to help and support you ongoing. I will also assign copyright of the logo over to you upon final payment. If you have questions about the logo design process or anything else, please contact me.

logo design process final design
sports logo design process final design secondary logo badge style
sports logo design process final design mascot only logo
sports logo design process final design secondary logo
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Step # 1: Initial Consultation

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Step # 2: Design and Presentation

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